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20. Jul 2012
Rabbiner Michael Goldberger s. A.
Gesang. Wenn er sprach, war es wie ein Gesang. Michael Goldbergers Reden, Schiurim, Predigten waren Oden. Wer ihnen zuhörte, verspürte eine zeitlose Ruhe dieser sanften singenden Stimme. Die Worte…
Yves Kugelmann
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06. Aug 2014
North of the Border
Recently, on the occasion of the 350th anniversary of Jewish history in America, a number of Jewish historians reminisced about the bad old days, when American Jewish history was considered somewhere…
Richard Menkis
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06. Aug 2014
Summers by the Lake with Morgie
Between 1933 and 1948 only 5000 Jews were admitted to Canada, the lowest number of any Western nation. Luckily for future generations of youngsters, Lies and Hans Morgenstern, a couple from Fürth,…
Monica Strauss
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06. Aug 2014
Diverse, but Strong
Toronto Jewry’s story is similar to most North American large cities: one of the struggling immigrant pulling themselves up from their bootstraps and in three generations becoming prominent movers…
Dave Gordon
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